High quality
We have been engaged in the field of cleaning for decades. It is an endlessly renewing business, which is why we train employees and keep work equipment up-to-date on a continuous basis. That way, we will ensure the quality of today's requirements and keep up with time. Certificates confirming compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 also give evidence of the excellent quality of the service provided by Krausberg.

Our service is convenient to use: we can provide you with a complete solution that includes works from floor wash to significant cleanup. We will also do all other works (including special works) that you need for real estate maintenance. Krausberg has more than 500 objects regularly serviced all over Estonia, and more than 300 employees take care of their cleanliness.

We will provide the service first of all according to your wishes and needs. In the course of a joint discussion, we will reach the best solution, which will include, among other things, the price and the time of performance of the work.

Environmentally friendly
You can rest assured that we only use the right solutions for cleaning. We have chosen very carefully the cleaning materials and supplies, based on the principle of environmental friendliness. We know that cleanliness does not come from a significant number of chemicals, but rather the proper use of detergent. We teach our employees and our customers consistently how to use cleaning products and supplies in a sustainable way and keeping the environment safe.

Office cleaning
Warehouse cleaning
Corridor and staircase cleaning
Retail room cleaning
Janitorial service
Replacement and filling of consumables
Floor covering maintenance
Cleaning of glass surfaces
Carpet cleaning
Deep cleaning of soft furniture
Facade wash
Major cleanup
Post-construction cleaning
Removal of graffiti
Outdoor cleaning in summer
Outdoor cleaning in winter
Dirt does not disappear by itself. Order cleaning from us!